String Table data type in webMethods - CLOSED

Hi All,

Have anyone used String Table data type in the flow service development. If yes can you please share the real time scenario.

Any code sample or information is highly appreciated.


Hi Mahesh,

We have used it on our end to for basically creating a fix comparison tool. Created it using a java service to insert the fixes and the servers at run time to display in 2D matrix.


Hi Saurabh,

Can you please explain in detail how did you implement this tool and how is it useful? If possible can you share your code sample?

Hi Mahesh,

We have a lot of webmethods integration servers and it becomes extremely difficult to monitor and compare fixes across environments and servers. We have therefore come up with a way to extract fixes applied to Wm packages and display them on the front end using dsp.

You can find the Wm packages by getting a list of all packages installed on IS and then use service wm.server.packages:packageInfo. In this check if publisher is webMethods or Software AG and you can get the packages and fixes installed on them.

Then I have created a java service to write at runtime into a string table the packages along with servers for which we want to display the fixes on GUI.

Let me know your email address and I will send you a snapshot of what we have developed.

You can get all fix details from the newly component “command central” and not sure what version of IS you are still on but in 9.x onwards this is available you may know it already.


We are still on 7 and 8 :frowning:

Got it time is running out EOS done and EOM soon :frowning: