Strange Error


I have a flow service. If I “run” the flow service it gives me a exception saying . [ART.117.4036] Adapter Runtime (Adapter Service): Unable to rollback transaction. Transaction state:Transaction is rolled back .

If, instead of “run”, I “trace” the flow service, It goes through, and gives me my desired output. I can’t understand the difference.

This only happens for a large flow service (with say more than 10-15 steps). For small flow services both “run” and “trace” give me output.

Can anyone please help.



I have seen similar things in the past, try really cleaing up the pipeline to remove any unwanted objects.




Your DB might have a lock on the table. are you using AS400 DB ?
I only see that happen in AS400.
Two Options:

  1. Using a ART transaction context.
  2. Using an ansyc process for the store proc execution.

Graham and Mike, Thankyou for your suggestions. But that problem is only with “my” integration server. When I run my services on other servers it runs just fine (both “run” and “trace” give me outputs). Any other clues ??