Storeexception in long queries

I sometimes get this exception when I iterate between documents in the cursor. I have same problem in my other queries too the problem is not specific to this schema. My code is something like this :

BusinessDocumentWorkspace ws = new BusinessDocumentWorkspace(store);
QueryContainer query = new QueryContainer(“oc_icd”);
query.add(new QueryElement(".", “*”, “~=”));
Cursor docCursor = ws.query(“qryoc_icd”, query);//msa
System.out.println("cursor size : "+docCursor.count());
while (docCursor.hasNext()) {
BusinessDocument bicd = (BusinessDocument); }

In this code I get the exception at line and each time in a different record.

The exception message is like this :

StoreException: null

?Problem during retrieval of previous query cursor content.


is it possible to get your schema and a set of test data and the Java code?

It could be a problem of the underlying Tamino API for Java. But it’s only a guess.

We have to reproduce the error on one of our machine to analyze the problem.

A few questions:
- which Tamino version are you using
- which JSDK
- how many documents do you expect as result of your query.

Thank you,
bye Christian.