Store and retrieve a value without using DB

Hi All,

I have a requirement where we need to store a sequence number(an incremental value) and retrieve it in the next run of the webmethods flow service.

We are not supposed to use a database table column for this. So, is there a way I can store this value somewhere in webmethods, then retrieve and update it in the next run…and so on for subsequent runs…

Thanks for your help in advance…


Use IS repository for data storage.

Check this uri:


You can also use the IS session to put and get variables while executing a service. Refer to the Session Class in the IS Java API ref guide.

Use the session.put to put a value in to session and then session.get to retrieve it at a later execution point.


webMethods Integration Server provides a number of built-in services (in the folder) that you can use to store and retrieve values.