Stopping the debugger at setHTTPResponse flow service error

Why this error is coming every time I am debugging the flow service after setting break point,

Since My flow service has multiple lines of code I am setting a break point to debug the flow service ,While doing so it is giving the error as below.

How Can I overcome this.

What is MSC ?
Are you really only using 3 letter acronyms for naming your service :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

MSC is the flow service, Named as per my output record name.

is naming causing problem?

No, but I would recommend using more human readable naming, this makes me think back to assembly language programming where operations are limited to 3 letter codes :laughing:

The issues probably because the MSC service is making use of setHttpResponse and setting the return code to 4xx to indicate error, which in turn causes the debugger to break too. Have a look at the MSC service to see if there are any calls to setHttpResponse and then disable them if the case.


Hi Carter,

I haven’t set the MSC record " to use of setHttps Response", but I have set the Https Response for the flow service which I am debugging it.

Is this causing the issue ?

I have also notice that this error only comes when I have set the break point within the loop.Incase I am setting the break point out of the loop. It works fine.