stopping initial state request from adabas to reptor?

how can an initial state request be stopped from adabas to replicator once the request has started?
suppose an initial state request has started for a big file and in the middle of it due to some reason customer wants to stop it and wants to start from the beginning later.
I checked the doc and servline24 , but could not find any mechanism.
Adabas tries to replicate whole records to replicator once replication started for a file.
Is there a way for cancelling of it ?

Hello Engin,
the initialstate request starts a online process on the originating nucleus which pushes the requested records on to the Reptor.
To control this process you can use for example the online process
operator commands: ONLSUSPEND, ONLRESUME and ONLSTOP. Listing online processes
can be done with DONLSTAT.

Another way to limit the amount of data sent per initial state request is to use selection criteria. E.g. with ISNLIST you could iteratively request the next 10000 records.
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Hi Marbod ,
According to adav744 doc ;
DONLSTAT display status of each active reorder or invert online process together with the process ID.
ONLSTOP stops an online reorder or invert process cleanly.

Do these commands work also for initial state request ?
Kind regards

ONLSTOP works also for initial state request. Thanks.