replication via ADARPL only ?

Replication for some files are intended to be performed only via ADARPL in batch during night.Target is an Oracle database and middleware is EntireX.In other words , online replication is not desired for these files.
What might be the suitable setting for it ;

  • turning off replication for these particular files ?
  • turning off replication for these subscription ?
  • creating a failure in entirex ?
  • or any other suggestion ?
    thanks and best regards

Hello Engin,

the simplest way is probably to deactivate the Adabas file for Replication. That way no data is sent from the nucleus to the REPTOR. ADARPL does not care for whether the file is active for replication or not.
A subscription can be active for files, which are not. You will have to set the subscription deactivation parameter to NO, to avoid that the subscription is deactivated, when the file is.
The crosscheck utility will give a warning about this condition subscription active, when file is not activated for replication.