Initial State Request Processing

Several Questions::?:

How many records are processed in each batch when getting an entire file?
And, what impact does the “hold” have on any user or application access to the records?
What happens if Reptor is doing an initial state and an application program has a record on hold – what does Reptor do?

Inquiring minds want to know,

Mark A. Smith
Delta Technology, Inc.

A batch consists of a maximum of 150K Data to be replicated. The number of (compressed) records may vary per batch but the 150K threshold is designed to create a reasonable blocking factor while keeping a batch transaction of short duration
When a record is selected for replication, the record is put on hold, so any user or application will get a response 145 or will have to wait for the record.
When the initial state of the event replicator gets to a record, which is already on hold, it will close the current batch and wait for the record to become available. (Maxcimum time per event would thus be TT time)

Rainer Herrmann
Software AG