Stop "unable to invoke" errors until all retries complete?

Question on the JDBC error “Unable to invoke Adapter”. Let’s say that I have a retry step set up on (for example) a service that inserts data into a DB. Right now, I believe that even though we have a retry step setup on the service that does the insertions, if for some reason there is an error (let’s say the customer’s DB went down for a split second), the error “unable to invoke Adapter xxxxx” will automatically appear in the logs, even though there is a retry step that says to retry 5 times at 30 second intervals.

However, these error appear instantly, not after the 5 retries are completed. Is there anything in Webmethods version that will make it so that these errors do not appear until after ALL the retries have failed or is there any trick to work around this?

The reason why this is such a problem is that we have something on our side to look for errors. If there is an error, our on-call staff is contacted. Too many times, there are situations where for some reason, we cannot connect to someone’s DB, so there’s an Adapter error. However, when we look to see the problem (thanks to the retry), there is no problem because during later retries, the data went to the DB. We don’t care about or want to be paged for errors that get resolved with retries. We would prefer to have it so that only if after all the retries failed, we get an error.

We have Webmethods version 7.1.2

Thank you very much for your assistance.