Still wont work!!!!!!!!

I have followed all the suggestions in the postings, thanks for all your time and effort!, but the environment will still not work.
I get the famous “Could not add XTS entry for database test on cti_m700_02 with port 3203 INOAAE0172” & etc messages.

Env: W2K Pro SP2, IIS 5.0, laptop
Hosts: localhost SAGXTSDShost
Services: All SAG W2K SAG based services running, including XTS Directory Services
SMH web link: http://localhost:9991/smh/login.htm is working
Added modiis.dll to ISAPI filters (Name: tamino, Priority: unknown)
Recycled IIS services
Modified the XTS DS services port to 9980
Modified Directory maintance link to 9980
I assume I still run the XTS Directory Services .cmd file. It appears that when I execute the Directory Services .cmd file. I get
the following message:
"E:\Program Files\Software AG\Extended Transport Service\com\softwareag\xts>Java.exe WebServer directory=DefaultDirectory port=9980
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.softwareag.XTS.DefaultDirectory"

The cmd file listing:
Rem XTS Utility Server Start
Java.exe WebServer directory=DefaultDirectory port=9980

Help Help Help!!!

Hi there,

Well the error message would suggest that you are missing the XTS jar file from your CLASSPATH. What are the current contents of your CLASSPATH?

Kind regards,


Thanks for the feedback, I ended up figuring that out later on that evening. All is working fine and I am moving forward!


I found one more item. You must stop and start all the Tamino services after you update the hosts file. I read all these notes, did everything they said and still could not create the data base until all the services - probably just the XTS service - got recycled.

Thanks for the help…