Statusbar - Popupfeatures "status:no" without reac


as I use some dialogues in different ways (popup and “normal”), I want to show the statusbar only if not displaying the page as popup.
Therefore, I set the popupfeature status to no like

and open the popup with


Nothing works as I attended: even if I open the page as popup, the statusbar is shown.

Has anybody an advice for me?

Thanks and greetz.

Where is your Tomcat located? As “localhost” or “in the Internet”. I believe that IE always adds the status bar when not being in the local security zone…

E.g. our calendar popup typically does not have a status bar, but it has when starting it from our demo server (


Oh, we have a missunderstanding:
with status, you mean in this context the IE statusbar.

I thought I can switch on or off the display of my own statusbar-control, not that of the IE.

Well, is there a possibility to set the visiblemode of my own statusbar-control at runtime at all?

…no… with titlebar we have (I think it was exactly because of the popup usage…) with status bar not…