Startup Broker syntax : Require clarification

Hi Team
Understood from documents,that we use the below syntax for Broker start from command prompt
Windows/Unix – Broker\bin\broker_start –switch server[:port]

Can someone please help me in understanding each of these codea with an example

Thanks in Advance

What is your wM version?

If you want to start broker server go to webMethods/Broker/bin. Run the below command giving your broker host and port details: We are calling a script (.sh) broker_start. To use this utility, the Broker Monitor must be running on the machine where the Broker Server resides.

broker_start hostName:portNum

Eg: broker_start localhost:6845



Thanks for your response M@he$h
We are using the 7.1.2 version of webMethods

But I wanted to know the meaning of the syntax

From which document did you find this command that uses -switch?

It was from a training documentation

so there is no such syntax?

If you are authorized to share it to me, please share it to my email id… So that I can validate the document.

If not please ask the author of the document for better clarity.