SSL Issues


Does anyone know limitation (255 File Descriptors) of SSL implementation in webMethods, which is linked to STDIO. We have this issue in a Solaris Environment.

WebMethods uses Entrust SSL’s implementation which based on the iaik’s ssl. Am sure you know that the file descriptors can be changed by “ulimit -n” command on solaris.


Well, We have limits hiked upto 4096, The TS says that the issue is in Broker Client SSL Library (for Communication with Broker), due to use of STDIO, and STDIO in 32-bit seems to be using an unsigned char, limiting number of file descriptors that can be used by fopen() (Being used somewhere in it), to 255.

We are able to replicate the problem using a very simple code:

  1. declare an Array of BrokerClients
  2. In the Loop populate broker clients… and make connections to broker
    it fails at 250th Client all the time… provided we use SSL.

[We are trying to keep broker connections open to replicate file descriptor].