SSH Communication to AS400 Systems


IS 8.2.2/wmAS400Adapter

We are using a AS400 Adapter to communicate with our AS400 core system. Unfortunately with AS400 Adapter, it does not support Secured connection and Credentials are passed as free text while establishing a connection with AS400 system, our security team is not accepting the non secured communication emphasizing us to make it secured communication from IS to AS400 system. Adapter to include secured connection may not happen or may take more time.

During this time, we are thinking of using openSSH session open between Integration platform OS and AS400 system and wmS400 Adapter will be configured to use the SSH Port local SSH Proxy, By this way we can achieve the secured communication between two systems. Any one had experienced such approach ?

I only tried to use Putty to communicate with production system using SSH tunneling however never used to communicate directly from an application. Any help is highly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance

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there used to be an OpenSSH package. you can look up in sample codes if it still available.

Or you can try writing own java implementation using JSCH API