SQL Support of Tamino Server 3.1

Hi all
In former versions of Tamino was a SQL-Engine in Tamino included, which has supported XQL.
How does it works in the current Version of Tamino (3.1)?
Is there also a SQL engine with a SQL store? How can I load SQL-datas from an extern data source into Tamino(via X-Node interface or direct access)?

Thanx a lot for your support

Tamino v3 is delivered with an SQL engine but you need the sql option in the license file to use it.

The SQL engine is the same engine that was delivered with v2.3. The SQL store within Tamino is still separate from the XML store.

You can load data in several ways:
- use Tamino manager, go the SQL catalog, select the table and use the “Load” function.
- use the ‘sqlint’ utility with INSERT statements
- write your own program with embedded SQL
- there are ODBC, JDBC and OLE DB drivers so you could access the SQL store to update it via these mechanisms.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for your help Stuart
Can you tell me, is the used query-language for this SQL-Engine still XQL, or is there a possibility to retrieve data?s over X-Query?


The query language for Tamino’s XML repository is X-Query (which is not the same as XQuery) and this used to be called XQL. The query language for the SQL repository is and has always been SQL. It is possible to query the SQL data via X-Query provided that you have defined an XML Schema in the XML repository that maps onto the SQL table.