Reverse process of X-Node

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Does Tamino supoort the reverse process of X-Node functionality. What I meen is, Can I issue a SQL select statement to tamino database?, well does Tamino support such a situtation?.

Anything regard with the SQL Engine, that is present within the Tamio XML Server.

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You can only query using XPath syntax for data within the XML data store, and likewise you can only issue SQL againest the SQL data store.

X-Node allows other data stores to be mapped as XML so querying X-Node mapped schema (say mapped to an SQL table) will return XML.

There is no opposite functionality, e.g. issusing SQL to get at XML data. If this is a requirement I would suggest as a possibility to store your data as SQL and use SQL to access it. Then use X-Node mapping to get the data as XML. Then you have the best of both worlds.