Hi All,

We have an architecture where we can get data from SQL database or SAP can send it. I would like to know which architecture would be better. Getting it from SQL or SAP sending it. Can someone point out the pros and cons.

Thanks for your help!

Hi David,
when you get data from SAP then your System should be understand SAP Format like IDoc or RFC.


I will always recommend the source system sending the data instead of webM retrieving from database or using FTPGet.That way the source system will have full control over their data and it also lessens the issues with security,scheduling etc


Totally agreed with Anil …

don’t put additional burden on webM by doing JDBC calls or FTP Get when your source have the capability to send data to webM and initiate the integration …

Also, consider the scenario of resubmits for data. Is your Architecture designed to maintain state? If it is then do the get from the DB or FTP Get. If the Architecture is not designed to maintain state then let the external applications control the flow of data to WM.

If there is a need for a resubmit of data then based on your current Architecture Design you will have a well defined process for resubmitting data in sync with the state of the existing Architecture.


what are the source and target system?