SPoD File Compare

We have around 15 developers all using SPoD and on a number of occassions 2 (or more) programmers end up working on the same modules - not ideal, just the way the work comes round.

We would like to take advantage of the File Compare facility in SPoD but I notice that it’s dependant upon an external compare program so my question is…

Does anybody have any recommendations for a file compare program that can be used with SPoD?

I put the following into Tools/Options/Object Compare:
C:\Program Files\Beyond Compare 2\BC2.exe
and it worked with 2 Natural source codes.
:slight_smile: I have used Beyond Compare for a while and I think it is superb IMHO.

Many choices.

Natural documentation suggests ExamDiff. From the Natural community you have ASCIIdiff. Both of these are free.

If you have a bit of money to spend, there’s my personal favorite, SuperC, which produces reports identical to the mainframe version. (I wish I had a nickel for each time I recommended this one.)

Does SubVersion work with SPoD? I heard the Natclipse folks from Innowake talking about how multiple developers can code changes to the same object at the same time, then SubVersion can piece together the changes you want to apply, even keeping some out if you are not ready to deploy all of them.

There is the Local Versioning Plug-In for the Natural Studio. This is a tool to access subversion. It works for SPoD environments too.
Apart from that Natural for Eclipse version 4.1 has been released a week ago. This is the successor of Natural for Eclipse 3.1. with substantial changes. Here you have the standard Eclipse interface to subversion.
Natural objects committed with the Studio Local Versioning Plug-In can be checked out by Natural for Eclipse 4.1 and vice versa.