Specifying the Factory's config.xml location

Hello there,

We here are using the EntireX XML Mediator 7.2.1 on Windows 2K.

We would like to specify our own config.xml location.

Why ?

Because default location points to http://HOST:PORT//conf/config.xml.
This is fine for development phase but when we deliver a WAR to the customer,
we don’t want to unzip the config.xml from the WAR, make our changes - specific to
each customer - and zip the config.xml file back into the WAR.

I 've seen that you can set the -Dconfig properties into the startFactoryCommant.bat
files. This property specifies the config.xml location.

But as the EntireX is run as a Windows Service we can’t launch any bat.

In brief, we would like to know what is the most efficient way (from a customer
perspective) to sets the config.xml location.

Thanks in advance.

Bertrand Martel
Software AG France

Hello Bertrand,

There is no way of redefining this location.


- Matthew G.

Hello Bertrand,

From the R&D perspective, I would be very interested is the types of changes you are making to config.xml. Perhaps we can offer some alternatives or use your requirments to provide a better solution.

Best regards,