special characters while parsing excel spread sheet

Im using apache POI-HSSF Api to parse excel spread sheets.
I observed that I’m getting some special characters, might be some contol characters which are not visible in wMdeveloper, but visible when I paste the text in text editor.

GPO Inv IDGPO Inv NumberExp Ipac Date1343425‭1271075‬‭06-JUL-2011‬1343529‭1271179‬‭06-JUL-2011‬1343807‭1271273‬‭06-JUL-2011‬

Ascii value of these special charaters is 8236 and 8237 etc.
I tried UTF-8 to decode but didnt work. my present work around is to eliminate those special characters through a util service.

Any help is appreciated.

Srikanth Gundoju

If the file uses UTF-8 as the character set, then these are Unicode control characters. 8236 is “POP DIRECTIONAL FORMATTING” and 8237 is “LEFT-TO-RIGHT OVERRIDE”.

If you have any flexibility in getting changes to the integration you may want to push really, really hard to use something other than an Excel file as the data transport. Too many possible issues.