EDI superscript characters


I receive an EDI data for an inbound which has the ISA headers as below

ISA00 00 ZZDHJGDSGS 01759879287963 1104282020U004010000012430P³

This data when passed through TN, calls another service where a transformation (bytesToString) for the bizdoc envelope is done.

In 4.6 version this ³ symbol is retained, whereas in 7.1.2 version it gives out an output as

ISA00 00 ZZDHJGDSGS 01759879287963 1104282020U004010000012430P�

The encoding which the bytesToString uses is UTF-8.

Can somebody tell me on how can i get the original superscript character retained in 7.1.2 as well.?

Are they sending that character in the subfield delimiter?

Is that causing any errors and issue while parsing?

This is a display issue and related to characterset/encoding. For IS and TN Console, check the default encoding and adjust if desired.