Special characters on Integration server (new installation)

hi i need some help please!

i just did a new install on my localhost, and i have the following incident on the IS

this characters working good = !@#$^*(~_{,:/?[
and this characters seems that not recognize = "%&<

for example:

I do the following test:

  • a flow service in WM developer, receive a string variable, this works fine!


when i tested the flow service, in the IS, this not recognized the special characters and when i restore the flow whit the “restorePipeline” i see the variables like a “stringList”

this is the test from the IS:

in resume, when i pass some string variables, works good, but when that string have a some character like "%&< , the fow service not receive correctly the data.

this is in a new installation , cant someone tell me if i need to set up another thing else, i see the documentation but only i find information about the service like “xmlStrinToNode,xmlNodeToDocument” but my problem looks like seems to come before!!

thanks for your help !! :slight_smile:



Probably XML escape character issue!!!

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