& Special Char in xml version tag


I am encountered with issue while parsing the xml to document. I am fetching the xml from the DB queues by http url posters and trying to convert that xml to documnet for further processing. But the xml what i get is with the special character in main xml vesrion tag like &S<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> . This first & (amp) is causing mal formed error.

I know this is coming from our source but, i am unable to find the root cause of these scenarios.

Please share if any one came accross this issue before

Shafi :idea:

If you are sure about the special character is from the source system, inform them about it. (You might have already done this :slight_smile: )


Before processing the xml in IS remove the special characters by a replace function and then process it further.

did you try setting encoding when you invoke pub.xml:xmlStringToXMLNode
may solve your issue

Hi All,

As i mentioned before, this is not a webMethods issue. I am trying to figure out what must caused the clob content to create a special character when we convert the bytes to string (xml).


  1. DB AQ – > clob content – >https url poster – > bytes → string (xml) with ‘&’ special char.

Shafi :idea:

Hi Shafi,

did you consider that the special character has been already at the sender´s side before inserting into the database?

If so continue the research at their side.

If not can you try to find out where the special character gets added on the way from db to your string.