Spaces causing problem in Columns when using JDBC Adapter with SQL Server

I am trying to create an Insert Notification configured operation in Enterprise Integrator. On the SELECT tab I specify the fields I need out of the table I am polling. 3 of those fields have spaces in them.

When I first tried to load my integration component, I got an error stating that the trigger table could not be created. I then discovered that was because webMethods was putting tick marks (’’) around the field names that had spaces when SQL Server requires brackets ().

However, when I change the tick marks to brackets the SQL Server column type is no longer recognized in the configured operation. This causes an issue when webMethods goes to create the trigger table because it no longer has a column type to associate with those fields and therefore does not create them. Obviously without those fields I cannot successfully execute the integration componenet.

Has anyone run into this or something similar?

Any info would be appreciated.