Source not available

The source of the JAVA Built in services are never displayed. Any way out to have a look at the source of them?

Bhavani Shankar

webMethods does not lets the users read the code for the their services unless the services are meant for testing purposes. The reasons for this might include that if they give out the code, then it can be copied and you can create your own server.
I am not aware of any method that would let you look at the code of Java built in services.

Decompiling webMethods java class files is a violation of your customer software licensing agreement. Having said that, it is possible to decompile ANY java class file using a commonly available decompiler like JAD.

Look in ./packages/WmTN/code/classes/

The reason that you cannot see the “source” is because the source file is removed AFTER the package is compiled.

This is evident by comparing ./packages/WmTN/code/source/ to the directory ./packages/WmTN/code/classes/.

Look at some of your code. Your source is there unless you remove it.