[SOLVED] Add data to Document List

Hi guys

I’m trying to add items to a Sharepoint List with a webservice.

I have already succeeded with this hardcoded XML:

<tns:UpdateListItems xmlns:tns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/sharepoint/soap/">
		<Batch OnError="Continue" ListVersion="1">
			<Method ID="1" Cmd="New">
				<Field Name="Title">SAG BPMS DEV</Field>
				<Field Name="Description">Book</Field>
				<Field Name="Email">emans@test.be</Field>
				<Field Name="Storage_x0020_Location">Kast 1</Field>
				<Field Name="Position_x0020_in_x0020_Storage">Schap 1</Field>
				<Field Name="Course_x0020_Date">2014-03-22T00:00:00+0:00</Field>
				<Field Name="Person">-1;#Emans Kevin</Field>

My next move was creating a Document Type based on that XML, which created the structure below:

Now my question is how I can get all the data, Field-tags in XML-code, in the Document List ‘Field’.

I have already tried creating a Document List in the pipeline and filling this with the data needed and then mapping these two lists. But in the results I then get: Field/Field[0]/Field[0], Field[1], … Field[7].

Mapping each part of the data separately didn’t work either, this didn’t add the data behind the old one but overwrites it.

Any help is much appreciated and if anything isn’t clear (or my subject is wrong), please don’t hesitate to ask.

With kind regards

I fixed the issue by using 2 string lists, one with all the names which I mapped to @Name. The other with all the data that had to be added, which I mapped to *Body.