Software AG Designer on local machine

Hi Folks
I have recently installed webMethods integration free trial for first time. Currently I am using Software AG designer that is installed on the same machine (on which I installed webMethods free trial) but to do so I have to login to server/VM every time just to use Designer.

I want to have Designer installed on my local machine and then connect designer with webMethods integration server remotely (i.e. over LAN) so that I don’t have to login to VM (where webMethods integration server is installed and running) over and over.

I am not sure if Designer supports remote connectivity (over LAN)? Can someone please let me know if designer can be installed on local machine (Designer component only)? and if it can successfully connect webMethods server on LAN using hostname or IP?


@Mubarik , Designer allows remote connectivity to Integration Server. It appears that you may have installed Local Service Development free trial, which requires you to have IS & Designer on the same host.


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