Socket Timeout Exception error trying to connect to web server

Webmethods 6.1
I’m trying to connect to a Web Service that was created by a co-worker. We created a service that does a simple (or so I thought) http post to his server. I’m sending a unique EAI tracking number to the web server and that’s all I have to do. I have been told that the web server allows anonymous access and allows http posting.

The process involves sending an item out of SAP, and then I am to run this special service which sends this unique number to the web server. However, I am constantly getting SocketTimeoutException errors and am trying my best to figure out where the problem lays: on my side (WM 6.1) or the Web Server. I’ve asked the owner of the Web Server to up his command timeout to 500 seconds. Our timeout has been upped to 300 seconds. Yes, I know that this is abnormal, but I’m just trying to get a clue as to who is causing the issue.

Now for the weirder part, I have incorporated the save pipeline and the restore pipeline in the main SAP code. When I run the item out of SAP in the normal process, I get Socket Timeout Exception errors when it comes to the part of the program that involves sending the unique number to the web service, but if I do a restore pipeline and step through it (F7) in developer, I do NOT get a Socket Timeout Exception error and everything runs fine. There’s no long pause and the step lasts at the most 2 or 3 seconds. Huh???

Can anyone make any sense out of what I’ve just stated? Any other tests that I can try? This was something that I was supposed to have up and running last Friday.

Thanks for your help and if there are any questions, please let me know.

Since this is a web server and you have access to the code to generate the url, try to put to a manual test. Gather all the information for the complete URL and then copy the string and paste it in a normal web-browser. That should work just as you expect. If your browser shows an error time-out screen, you know its on there side. if you get a fast response, something else is happening in the code.

I think that since you are stepping through your code, it has a long time to wait for sends and responses on service calls. Can you show a mock view of the service calls (no screen shots for me). Thank you. Good day.

Yemi Bedu