SOAPException( Client: [ISS.0088.9172] Web service cannot be found for endpoint reference (EPR)

Hi All,

I am invoking an action on click of a button which invokes the service in IS, i am getting the following error

SOAPException( Client: [ISS.0088.9172] Web service cannot be found for endpoint reference (EPR) = )

I am setting end point address as #{environment[“wsclient-endpointAddress”]}/ws/Cms_PriSeIntegration.wsd:Cms_PriSeIntegration

The strange thing is, it works fine sometimes, but sometimes i get that error as mentioned above.

Any suggestions please? :roll:


Nirnath – When you are getting this error, did you see behaviour of webService. I conceive issue might be with webService.


HI Niranth ,

Is it like that it was working before and not working now ?? or is it coming repeatedly intermittently ?

If it is like the first case , it may be because of the following case :-

  1. You may have renamed the service (even small letter change from small t caps matter).
  2. You may have moved the service from some folder to other and not regenerated the Provider.

If it any of the two cases matches , please regenerate the provider and webservice connector in the CAF side.

If it it happening intermittently , please share more details.

Rakesh Kumar


Try hitting the below URL in a browser and you should be presented with xml content. If you get the result that means the wsdl is working and you your code should work as well. Otherwise you need to look into the IS if it is accessible and communication from MWS box to IS is 24/7.

Hi Mohammed, I can only see you quoted the original question on this post but nothing else. Is there specific issue you are facing related to this?

I see this issue intermentently in my environment.

Application calls >>>webmethods service 1 using wm wsdl present in server1>>> then request flows webmethods service 2 which is present on second server and then finally request comes back to server1 and then application.

This is not happening for all requests not even for long data requests as well.

Iam suspecting may be due to load balancer when calling from server 1 to server2