SoapClient replacing xml tags


Did you already encounter this problem ? :
I have configured a consumer webservice based on a wsdl
It should receive 3 parameters :

  • Token
  • Type
  • XML

My customer receive well Token and Type information but not the XML one.
When I check what is geenrated by webMethods, I can see the problem :

<tns:SendXML xmlns:tns=“”>

webMethods replaced the tns:XML tag by tns:_x0058_ML !!

I am lost : I don’t know how to correct this.

Thanks for your help

I see x0058 is a Hexadecimal character. Provide more details here, are you a provider/consumer?

Check with your provider web service. What is your wM version and IS fix levels.

Probably the tag should not be named xml as this is a reserved tag for the header of any xml-type content:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"> That might be the reason why the X got encoded to it hexadecimal representation. Can you try to rename the tag to i.e. XMLContent? Regards, Holger

I am not sure for the reserved XML tag as I can validate the filestructure in XML SPY.

Anyway, I used a workaround : I used a simple http client to post the soap enveloppe.
But this error is really strange…

Even i faced same issue. i changed the name and it worked
as Holger suggested its may be happening because xml is reserve word.

Had this issue with 6.5 version of WM years ago. WM will just encode the X or x if you use xml/XML as one of the field name.
Since 6.5 is out of support, better migrate.