SOAP wsdl namespace Error

Hello everybody,

Here is my problem :

I have to create a webservice to send IDOCs to a XI/PÏ SAP Server.
The people from SAP side gave me a wsdl file to generate in webmethods the webservice.

After generation; in the webservice, the processus is the following :

  1. pub.soap.utils.createSoapData
  2. pub.xml.documentToXMLString with the IDOC in parameter
  3. pub.xml:xmlStringToXMLNode with the result of step 2
    4 ) pub.soap.utils:addBodyEntry with the parameters (results step 1 and step 3)

When i’m trying to execute the webservice, i have the following error :

Invalid Body Entry. SOAP Body Entries must have a namespace name.
at com.wm

I found on this forum a solution which is to populate the nsDecls parameters with ns1 tag on service pub.xml.documentToXMLString (see in attachment).

The sending of idocs works fine but the xml idoc is in error in the XI/PI system. The people from SAP side analysed the problem et they told me i have to delete the ns1 tag in xml.

So my problem is : i have to put the ns1 tag to send idoc (else i have the error SOAP Body Entries must have a namespace name) but i must to delete this tag because the xml format is incorrect in SAP.

Do you have an idea to execute correclty the WS without fill the ns1 tag ?

In attachment the wsdl file and the screen print.


Is this a valid WSDL? I tried to validate in Eclipse and it throws an error.

“s4s-att-invalid-value: Invalid attribute value for ‘maxOccurs’ in element ‘element’. Recorded reason: cvc-datatype-valid.1.2.1: ‘9999999999’ is not a valid value for ‘nonNegativeInteger’.”

error at “<xsd:element name=“Z1LFM2M_MDM” type=“ZCREMAS05_MDM.Z1LFM2M_MDM” minOccurs=“0” maxOccurs=“9999999999”/>”



I corrected the wsdl file, i delete the maxOccurs=“9999999999”.

In attachment new wsdl file.


Is it possible to get a valid Soap Request and Response from the SAP team folks (SoapUI project invoking their WS directly would be ideal)? Are they validating the Soap Response from WM?