SOAP transport issue about SSL SHA-2 certificate

Hi?now i face a issue about SHA-2 certificate update for SOAP service.
My webmethods IS version is about 7.1.2 and I used to https for SOAP message.Now our certificate is about SHA-2 and our partner has been updated the SHA-2 certificate yesterday and SSL v3 was set disable in the partner side.
we set the partner’s SHA-2 SSL certificate in Security > Certificates > Configure Client Certificates.
The situation is about this: we can sent the soap message to our partner but our partner was not sent the SOAP message to us,
the error in that side is this:
b2bgw (Outbound-2003): Connection error
b2bgw (Outbound-2003): Error in stream. Descriptor number unavailable. Additional information: Write error (8)
b2bgw (Outbound-2003): Network Error on back side server
sslproxy (******_B2B_Outbound_SSL_CA_Proxy): Fatal alert 10 received from SSL server instead of ServerHello

How can I resolve this issue?Could you help me?

Hi Xu,

unfortunately there is no support for disabling SSL v3 on either side when running wM 7.1.2.

You will have to upgrade to wM 7.1.3 with IS_7.1.3_Core_Fix26 at minimum.
Please note that this Fix has dependencies on other Fixes (mainly SCG_Entrust).

Please check if you have updated your own server side certificate under Security > Certificates accordingly.
IS restart is neccessray for activation.


I think, since the client disabled SSL v3, your system is rejecting the ClientHello right away (no server hello is sent back).

The only option before you upgrade your system is to ask your client to enable SSL v3 (so they will start SSL handshake with a v3 client hello).

Hi Xu,

I agree with Tong.

Additionally you should consider upgrading to 7.1.3 with latest Fixes anyway as this is the only version supported for migrating to 9.5 and above.