"Soap_" service of WSD of Consumer


Please sincerely let me know about “Soap_” serivce referred from WSD of Consumer
created by 8.0 or earlier.

Step 1) With 9.10, open the existing Web Service Descriptor of Consumer (WSDC)
which was created by 8.0 or earlier.
Step 2) Select one of the operations in the WSDC.
Step 3) Confirm the name of the IS service of the selected operation.
Step 4) Confirm that there is the IS service whose name is NOT same with the one
which is confirmed at Step 3 .
“Soap_” is added to the names of IS services.
Q4-1) Why?
Q4-2) Does this WSDC created 8.0 or ealier by correctly work on 9.10?
Step 5) Decadency seems to be OK between the “Soap_” IS service and WSDC.

For detailed screen shot, please refer to the Sheet1 of of the attached file.
And please also refer to the Sheet2 regarding the normal WSDC created by 9.10.

Please sincerely provide us with answers for Q4-1 & Q4-2 above?

Best regards,