SOAP RPC generating item element for arrays

I am facing a weird problem, when I generated wsd consumer from clients WSDL it got generated successfully but while calling client’s webservice additional “item” element is apearing in SOAP request in place of any document array. Because of that I am getting SOAP status 1 with the following error :

org.xml.sax.SAXException: Invalid element in - item

We have a Node(document) CSXContact which hold an array(documentList) CSXClientContact and the SOAP Request is turning that into “item”. Attached is SOAP Request and screen shot of request document with WSDL file.

We are using 7.1.1 IS with SunOS and 1.5.0_15 (49.0) JVM provided by Sun Microsystems Inc.

Any Idea ? Mark or Percio ?

Just another SOAP related bug with 7.1.1. I tried different services(like soapClient and soapHTTP) by creating my own SOAP request manually but everytime SOAP request was generated with “item” node. To resolve the issue I generated the web service connector in 6.5 version and brought the document types into 7.1.1 IS version and that did it. I guess there is something with the document definition which gets generated by 7.1.1 version.

Any WebSvcsXML fixes you have on your IS711??


Also any kind diff/manipulation in the generated doctypes in 6.5 vs 711??

Did you take this issue to SAG tech support?


Currently we have IS_7-1-1_Core_Fix1 and IS_7-1-1_SrvPrtcl_Fix1. I created a ticket for almost same kind of problem with SAG support(SOAP RPC was adding “tns2_x003A_” in field tags), it took them 3 month to resolve the issue with a workaround which I implemented on the second day of the issue while waiting for some kind of fix.

Hi All,

I am using 6.1 version.

But still we are facing the same problem of having for stringList in SOAP response.

Could anyone help on this please.

Thanks in advance.