SOAP Message Coder cannot encode output data

Hi everyone,

We are getting this problem on our production system. When one of our partner tries to execute our webservices they get the error shown below but in further retry they get results successfully. If anyone of you had same problem, let me know what is this all about.

<detail><webm:exception><webm:classname>com.wm.soap.coder.SoapCoderRuntimeException</webm:classname><webm:message>[ISC.0076.9211] SOAP Message Coder cannot encode output data; pipeline does not match output signature, required variable outputXML is missing</webm:message></webm:exception></detail>


The error reason could be that your partner is not sending you the correct XML response as expected when invoking your webserviceConnector service which internally checks the specified targetOutputSignature in SOAP-RPC service.

Please make sure both are in sync regarding the output signature and using as per your WSDL document definition.



As i already mentioned in the post that in subsequent retry it works fine so there is no point in checking the signatures.


Haroon Bhatti

You mean retry is for the same errored document or posting a new document?If it is a new document then it might be coming with different structure.

Yes they retried same document again. Actually they have a process at their end that handles this retry mechanism.


We had similar issue and we had to unregister and register the default soap processor to resolve it.