Soap gateway

I’m using the Soap gateway to access a process that accepts two input fields, only one of these fields returns a response. The function also returns a response.

I have tested this Soap component with a script and the both response are returned succesfully. However, when I use the Mediator Soap gateway I am not getting a value returned for the second value that I pass. I do get a response from the function and this is placed in the correct xpath.

The soap gateway step look like follows.

I wrote a small VB dll that is defined as follows

Public Function ProcessITC(ByVal IDNumber As String, ByRef RejectReason As String) As String


Hi Jean,
This problem was reported. This Mediator version (7.2.1) only support one input parameter in the SoapGateway.


Do you perhaps know when or if they plan to support more than one parameter?

No, I don’t know. Please, ask about this to Software AG.