Problem with JavaObjectGateway

Hi all,
I’m not used to develop with Mediator, so I have this problem:

I’ve transformed a XML file by a SagTransformer into an other XML file.
Now I want to pass it as a parameter to a Java method using Java Gateway.
More exactly, I’ve passed the value {/*} to the parameter xbd.object.parm0 of the JavaObjectGateway.
But xbd.object.parm0 only gets the list of the values of the xml output.

How can I solve this problem?
Is there a Mediator property which stores the output of SagTransformator?

Thanks in advance


If you want to pass the message object to your component you have to do this as a byte array.
You have to use an object gateway step before you call your component. The combination of the xbd.object.function being set to Message and the xbd.object.action being set to getContent allows you to create the necessary byte. You set the byte name using the xbd.object.content.
Once you have done this you can use the name of your byte as the input to your method.