SOAP fault type mismatch

I have a Web Service Descriptor to consume a webservice. In the response of the webservice there should be an attachment.
But it returns an error: “errorMessage=[ISC.0082.9033] Java type mismatch; expected com.wm.util.XOPObject, got”
When I use the webservice via SoapUI there is no problem.

I both tried MTOM enabled and not enabled web service descriptor. Further is the Attachment enabled setting of wsd set to true.
We have webMethods 9.5 installed.

Hi Samuel,

You will face this issue if you don’t enable the MTOM & attachment for the consumer WSDL.
There are two things in this.

  1. enable the MTOM while consuming WSDL.
  2. enable Attachment enable property for the WSDL Descriptor.


Hi Samuel,

Did you manage to fix this issue?

If not you can find that the MTOM Streaming topic is also discussed here:, where you can find attached a sample.

Maybe you can download and test the sample to see if it works for you and if not make the necessary tweaks.

Hope it helps,
Vlad Turian