Soap Call - Time zone

Hi all

I have a search portlet with a date input field. I generate a web service connector to call a service on my integration server.
From the input field I receive a object and set it to the parameter of my webservice call.

I use the same portlet an the same webservice on two different servers.

Now my problem is:

If I log my soap call on one server it looks like this:


On the other server:


Actually it’s the same time but in different time zones.

Exists a configuration in the mws to set the default time zone? Or something like that?

Thanks in advance!

My Configuration:

My webMethods - Server
7.1.3 MWS_7.1.3_Fix17

webMethods Integration Server IS_7.1.3_Core_Fix24

i’m not very sure, but the timezone settings in MWS affects only on the front end display. The server itself should assume the timezone settings of the JVM which in turn will default follow the OS timezone settings. Did you check the timezone settings for the two servers?


I checked the time zone settings on both server. It’s the same.

The time zone on the jvms are also equal.

In my opinion the “error” occurred during serialization. On one server it serialized to UTC time and on the other server to CEST time.

Does anybody know how java or the mws decide which time zone they use for the serialization?

You may want to double check the OS locale settings.
in windows, the Region and Language setting you see is your account’s setting.
The MWS is using the system setting.
Open the Region and Language settings, click Administrative
change both “Copy settings” (which will copy your setting to the system’s), and Change System locale