SOA GATEWAY and Binary data handling

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Hi all,

as binary data exchange with ADABAS SOA Gateway is not a problemeand already tested successfully with ADA 5.1 I have a question whether there is something to keep in mind when storing binary data transferred as Char 64 encoding regarding the UES features of Mainframe databases or not. Where happens marshalling in the message path?

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There’s no “marshalling” involved, we are talking pure SOAP / HTTP here :wink:

The translation is done by UES, so no problems to be expected with Base64 encoded data, there are no special characters or the like involved.

Hello Wolfgang

and what if I send pure binary data?



If you send binary data with a xs:string you’ll end up with funny results in any case :wink:

We don’t support xs:hexBinary or xs:base64Binary yet, which would give you what you are looking for.