SMTP: Failed to start EmailListener:pop3

Failed to start [ISS.0070.9003] Enable failed:
Could not log into account

I am receiving the above error when I try to enable SMTP port that I created.

For the host name, I have put in our mail server.
I am not sure what should be the username/pwd. I put in my uid/pwd that I use to login to my email, but that didn’t work and gave me the above mentioned error.

I am getting the same , were you able to find solution for the same ?

Which email exchange server are you configuring ? Are you passing credentials as well ? Share more details that you have been using, share some screen shots if possible.


I was trying to configure Gmail account to poll mails from, yes I have had passed credentials as well to it.

above scenario was giving me issue, so I tried configuring with Outlook account and that worked.


Our company is using business gmail accounts and the same is configured to my outlook. I tried POP3 & IMAP both.

In all cases I am getting errors.

Is anybody successfully created email listener port with gmail server, kindly share the details.