Slow SAP listener processing

Hi All,

We are using SAP adapter 6.5 with two Webmethods 712 servers in clustered environment.
We are facing a critical issue in which SAP listeners were picking IDOCS at a very slow rate.
It took 3 hours for SAP listener to pick IDOC passed from SAP in status 03.
This has created chaos among the users as data was not available since it was not procesed by Webmethods.

Can anyone please help me in resolving this issue asap?

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how was the server resources utilization on integration server when this incidence happened?? is it happening quite regularly?

Hi Devexpert

Thanks for your reply!!!

When this issue was encountered server utilization was average but no of SAP transactions were high.
our servers were processing new requests but a large number of IDOCs were in 03 status for 2-3 hours and tranasctions were delayed.

Our Integration servers are curently facing issues whenever number of threads exceeds a certain limit.
SAG has adviced us new core fix and it will resolve thread issue.
But this slow SAP transactions issue was encountered for first time.
FYI, IDOCs of only 1 message type got stucked whereas other IDOCs were processing fine.

I guess this has someting to do with SAP apater settings.
Currently we ave set 10 Thread as maxx for listener.
Can you please let me knw what setings we set generally?


If you are saying that other message types are working fine. Then it might be issue with SAP sending IDOCS to webMethods. I remember that they have a option when an IDOC is generated deliver it immediately.

Otherwise, It will remain in Queue and will be delivered after a long time. Please try to check with SAP.

It’s not enough to maximize the max thread in the Listener.

Also the MAXCONN Setting in SAP for the RFC Destination controls the trafiic. If SAP is not sending more than one IDOC webMethods MAX thread goes unpurposeful.

And be aware if you are using Synchronous Routing Notification, the thread is blocked untill ur Notification service is completed. So for all the time the following IDOCs lies in tRFC queue of SAP.

It creates assumption that webMethods takes more time as the IDOC status is changed to 03, rather fact is that IDOCs lie in tRFC queue of SAP which can be checked in tRFC log.

Deliver Immediately option is SAP not much to do with this issue.