Size of document

I create a dynamic SQL adapter wich give a list of document in output named results.

By default, I don’t know the size of results neither the field number of each instance.

But I want to transform it in a list of document in this structure

  • Rows (list of document)
    – Columns (list of document)
    ---- Name (string)
    ---- Value (string)

I don’t want use LOOP and documentToDocumentList services because there are many items in my input document list.

So I want use a xslt transformation. I can handle this but xsit require xml data in input.

I can use documentToXmlString service but the problem is by default the bufferSize is 4096 KB and I don’t know the size of my document. (results). I would like to know how to find it.

Thanks for your answer

IMO you’d be better off if you write a java service for this.

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