How to check the document size

Hi all!

is there any in built java service for checking of size of the Documet,
To check DocumentList sizeOfList in-built jave service available like that any separate in-built java service to check the document values r null or not…

Basically you have to check explicity using either flow operations or regular expressions to check document values null or not.No buil-in service exist.


anilellendula, try this:

  1. “pub.xml:documentToXMLString”
  2. “pub.string:length” for string from Step 1.

Of course, you have to check incoming Document for null/ not null

What are you trying to do? What are you going to do with the size of the document?


I have to resurrect this old thread on my first post because that’s exactly what I’m trying to find out as a new WM developper. To answer the question in quote, when talking about size of the document, I’m trying to find out the number of elements in the document.

For example


We’re using wm Dev 6.5 here, and I’ve not found anything in the doc that looks like sizeOfList, but for a document type

A bonus would be able to know what kind of elements are part of the document i.e String, DocumentList, StringList, etc