Single Sign-on (single user session) for both IS & MWS pages


I have a specific requirement that MWS pages should automatically gets logged in with the current active IS session user credentials.
For example, If I login to IS admin page by providing username/password in the browser and in the new tab on the same browser window, if i tried to open MWS, it should not prompt me to login again. It should get me login to MWS automatically with the same credentials of current active IS session.

The other way works well as I can access IS page within MWS pages(portlets) successfully. Please suggest if this can be achieved in webMethods (single user session to access both IS and MWS pages)?

We tried the following…

  1. Adding SAML Token Issuer (may be incorrect confi as it didnt ask for any host or port or user details)
  2. Adding Security provider URI with IS host&port details on SAML Authentication Administration screen of MWS system administrator.
  3. Enabled NTLM Authentication Administration by providing Domain Controller Name as Integration server host name. etc…

Hi Gridhara,

I am not sure if this is possible.

But you can configure IS to use the same credentials as MWS by using Certral Users Management.
But you will still have to login to both servers independently.

When connecting to IS via MWS this is using Default user Administrator for which the password on IS and MWS needs to be identical.