Simple HTTP File Post

This post is similar to this thread: though I’ve tried their advice with no luck. Yes, I know that thread is 4 years old.

I’m trying to mock the functionality of this form:


But for now, lets just try to send only my username:

<form action="some_url" method="POST" User:

As Dan Green proposed in the thread I linked above, I build my own string that looks like this:

Content-Disposition: form-data; name=“user”


and I map that to data.string. I input Content-type=text/plain; boundary="-----------------------------7d62393a801e8" in the headers doc.

No luck - won’t even read just my username. Once I can get the user, I’ll figure the rest out.

Thanks in advance,

are you trying to write a client code (a flow service) to perform a task similar to one performed by the HTML form?

Yes, I’m trying to mock the HTML form. No, I’m not making my own flow service (for now). Just using pub.client:http and mapping to data.string, setting the method as post, and adding one header. Very similar to what Dan Green did.

any help available?