Silent wrapping!

Anyone else finding themselves searching for a text string in SPoD using Edit > Find (Ctrl+F), then hitting F3 (Find next) 10-20 times bewore discovering that there are only 3 hits, and you are finding the same 3 lines all the time!!?

Michael, wouldn’t it be a tiny little thing to put in a bell when the bottom of the source is reached, or show a messagebox (though I hate those)?

Regards, and merry christmas,

Dear Henrik,

I have seen an EP requesting the same functionality already and I will check whether we can implement this after the release of Natural 6.2.1 which keeps us truely busy.

Hope to see you in the next user group meeting June 19 to 23 in Riga.

With best regards for a “good jul” a lucky and successful new year 2006.


hello Henrik,
yes, in the first time using Nat for Win I made the same experience.

but now I use this behaviour as a feature!

  • repeating the same line can be seen in the scroll bar - jumping up and down
  • repeating without interruption helps thinking about context, priorities etc and gives time to chose the right occurrence.

Michael, please, dont build in an interruption like a messagebox

kind regards and
best wishes for a “good jul” and a lucky successful new year 2006

Friedhelm, I cannot convince myself that this should be seen as a feature! I have been installing and working with SPoD since we were the very first customer back then, but it still annoys me that I actively have to keep an eye on the scrollbar. I can better focus on the source context if I can concentrate solely on the findings.

But I agree that we shouldn’t have a messagebox at the end / before repeating, that would be too much Microsoft. I thought of a bell sounding at the last finding. It should, of cause, be an option if you want to hear this bell or not.

BTW: Michael, are you having fun with the unicode thing? 8)

Happy new year to you all, and may Natural be even stronger in 2006 :slight_smile: