Siebel Services not working after adapter upgrade

I recently upgraded the webMethods Siebel Adapter to 3.0 from 2.1. Since the upgrade, my VB.NET client (which was working fine before the upgrade) is now unable to communicate with the Siebel services I’ve created.

The details are below…

  • I 've created Siebel Services in webMethods Developer 6, which access data (query, update, insert & delete) from the business components layer in Siebel.
  • These run just fine when I run them from within the Developer itself.
  • The VB.NET client code accesses the web services by issuing a call such as, -
    Dim oAccount As New getAcctNew.SiebelService()

*The associated WSDL files are all in place, since none of these have changed.

  • Never had any issues with this up until the time I upgraded from version 2.1 of the adapter to version 3.0 of the adapter. (I upgraded only the adapter, - did not load the Transports).
  • Since the upgrade, it appears my VB.NET code is failing right at the point where I try and access the Siebel service.

Since even the main page requires that I access the data from Siebel, - the whole page is effectively dysfunctional at this point.

Below is a sample Siebel Service call.

Dim MyXml As String Dim MyLogin As String = Context.User.Identity.Name
Dim MyDataSet As New DataSet()
Dim MyReader As StringReader
Dim oAccount As New getAcctTrial.SiebelService()
'The process is failing right after this call

MyXml = oAccount.getAcctTrial(vbNull)
MyReader = New StringReader(MyXml)
Source = MyDataSet.Tables(0).DefaultView

This same code used to work just fine before the upgrade.

Any help on this issue will be greatly appreciated.

Ravi Kumar