Siebel Exception while trying to update business component

Hi experts,

When trying to update operation on Siebel business components, the adpater service throws following error.

"[ART.117.4002] Adapter Runtime (Adapter Service): Unable to invoke adapter service PresstekSiebelInbound.InvoiceUpdate.AdapterServices:updateServiceRequest.
[ADA.448.1000] SiebelJavaOperations.performUpdate() - threw a SiebelException: code(9896076), msg(Unhandled Exception: Cannot operate on null object

BusComp.BusComp_PreWriteRecord line: 2131)"

what could be the possible reason for this/?

please help.

Arun Chollety.

Check this Empower article on the similar update error:


This is known issue in Siebel Application and has been fixed by the Siebel team.

From the error “SBL-DAT-00393”, it is self-explanatory that the Siebel file caused this error.

According to the Siebel Adapter Install Guide, on page 67:

  • SiebelJI_Common.jar (Not required for Siebel Client version 7.7.1 and later)
  • Siebel.jar (Required only for Siebel Client version 7.7.1 and later)
  • SiebelJI_xxx.jar where xxx is your locale. For example, SiebelJI_enu.jar for English

Any middleware of integration application that is using these jar files, should replace the jar files into their third party application to address the known issue.

Replace the Siebel jar files with the jar files from Siebel server (which has been updated according to the Siebel Release Note as mentioned) in IS folder.


Thanks for the update RMG.

There are other adapter services which are not failing(connection to same siebel server).

So i believe this is not the issue with the Jars as the other operations being are carried out perfectly.

I’m just confused if the issue could be with data what it is trying to update.

Also there are also situation the same adapter service has been succeeded.

I’m just trying to understand if “cannot operate on null object” is with the data or the Siebel business component.

Arun Chollety.

This is another article what I’ve found regarding this issue.

Arun Chollety.

OK make sense: