Siebel Applicaton Upgrade Impact on webM Adapter

Has any one had exep in migrating/upgrading Integration components from Siebel application6.x to 7.x with the webM adapter upgrade to siebel 4.2.1 using enterprise Integrator 4.1

As there has been Siebel application Upgrade from 6.x to 7.x

What kind of Methodology or process need to be used for the above


As long as Siebel does not change their BOI API, the Integration components should be fine. In some cases where Siebel has changed relationships between their BC’s then the customer will have to go in handle this manually, there is not a specific path that we can suggest since there are so many BC’s in Siebel and their relationships are complex to have one rule suite all.


where can I find the Siebel Adapter.
I will download the Adapter.


Zhiyi Chen

Zhiyi Chen,

After logging into Advantage, browse to SW Downloads > Downloads for 6.0.1 > webMethods Siebel Adapter > webMethods Siebel Adapter - v3.0.

This assumes that your Advantage account has access to product downloads.